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My Values

Successful cooperation of the board is based on trust,
value creation and loyalty.

Therefore here's a little more about "who I am".

Conflicts of Interest
I have no significant economic interests in companies other than my own.

No Criminal Record
I have a clean criminal record track, which will be provided on request.

Values  Trust and confidence in co-operation
Among my values of Life are the following statements

- An Effective Board is based on trust, truth and treat no subject as undiscussable.
- Working is my hobby.
- Think positively and constructively because
... Thoughts become words,
... words become attitudes
... attitudes affect our actions.

So have a positive attitude. 

- The mix of members in a board is essential. 
- The mix of member’s SKILLS and VALUES is essential. 

samarbejde bremer-musikant
Board work with
Trust & Confindence

 Small Christel Kniep



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