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(Inter-)national oriented Board member
Whatever the size and geographical location of your company contribution to the strategic development and professional supervision is being offered. I have experience in European trade, Marketing and Human Resource as well as General Management of small & medium sized companies.

Board positions can be carried out when communication in the Board is done in the following languages: English, German, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish.

Life cycle
Regardless the company’s lifecycle – being at entrepreneurial, growth stage or being under consolidation or liquidation (sale / merger / change of ownership), I can as a board member and advisor contribute to Next Step of the company’s cycle.

(Inter-) National Board Work
Contribution to the board and the effect is not depending on company size or geographic location. I have extensive experience in international trade, I personally own companies and due to that have a network in European business life. I therefore can contribute to board work in both national and international companies.


Which Industries
Comprehensively knowing the industry of your company is not necessarily first priority for top governance. I will though mention the industries I have been involved with: Technical installations (IT, telecommunications, electrical, plumbing, ventilation), Transport (trucks / trailers / spare parts), Internet Sales (BtB & BtC), Shipbuilding industry, Production of plastics & foods, Construction as well as the Retail industry.

The professional network being offered to your board is based on 25 years in Business life in Scandinavia and Germany. Further on 15 years of doing business with Central and Eastern Europe (including Russia) adds experienced and good understanding of the market challenges. Being Danish of origin I have a core competence and special knowledge of Denmark and Danish Business Life. 


Profile – Qualifications
Optimizing the skills of the board is achieved by putting together the board by having all skills represented. I here illustrate my profile as a board member by being the entrepreneurial type with great experience with the roles of the "Integrator".

Networking. Bringing people together. 
Resolve conflicts.
"How well are we working together?"

Looking for:
"Where to go?"


Makes rules, politics
and procedures.
"How do we do our job?"




Get things done. Create results.
Very active. No time for training others.
Aquire relevant knowledge.
"Need something done?"

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