Key Competences in the Board Composition. Keywords are Professionel, Value-adding & Expansion
Having the right mix of members in a board is essential.  As a successful board member I expect myself to help the board envision the company’s potential and improve its ability to develop strategies that maximize shareholder value. 

I am the board’s trusted expert in global expansion, international sales and sales & marketing management.


Passion & Performance
Except from my commercial profession my skills are to listen, ask powerful questions to the executives, frame the strategic challenges and opportunities.

I offer passion for the business and its success and show curiosity to it’s industry.

Outside the boardroom I invest time in preparations. I am a board member for the owners’ and the executives’ sake.


The importance of board composition must not be underestimated, and the link between diversity in backgrounds and experiences and the success of a board is well-established.

If you find that my skills will be supportive to your company I should be pleased to hear from you.

Best Regards 
Christel Kniep


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